Paul Jones | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Bristol 2018
on Thursday 25 October

Paul is a Software Engineer with a background building and deploying microservice applications to enterprise clients. His repertoire spans application development, cloud infrastructure and container orchestration, whilst also being an advocate for XP practices.

Chaos Engineering in Practice

Small Talk

Chaos Engineering facilitates experimental fault injection into our systems and infrastructure to identify systemic weaknesses and ensure resilience and confidence in our systems.

We will discuss the principles of Chaos Engineering, as well as practical examples of how open source tools can enable us to cause, learn and benefit from the ensuing chaos, and how we can use automation to continuously experiment, analyse and learn about the resiliency of our systems.

We'll talk about how Istio provides failure injection capabilities and the Chaos Toolkit.

We can all benefit from the ramifications of Chaos Engineering due to the robustness and resiliency it demands of our systems. To emulate the types of chaos and failures seen in production facilitates us to take advantage of orchestration and automation, and have confidence in our production deployments despite the complexity that they represent.