Lisa Forte | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Bristol 2018
on Thursday 25 October

Lisa began her career working in anti-piracy intelligence off the coast of Somalia before moving into Counter-terrorism intelligence for a UK Government agency. Lisa researched the process of online radicalisation by terrorist groups and the risky social engineering process undertaken by terrorist recruiters.

Lisa then moved into one of the UK Police Cyber-Crime Units where she got to know the attackers’ mind sets and methodologies well. The unit dealt with serious cyber-crime cases working closely with agencies such as the FBI. Victim companies ranged from small to multi-national organisations and almost all the cases involved social engineering.

Lisa left in 2017 to start her own company, Red Goat Cyber Security LLP.

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As a developer, you probably ‘get’ hackers much more than you may think. After all, you’re likely to hone your tech skills in much the same way a hacker does, are driven by deadlines and creative coding challenges, and possibly share some of the same personal goals.

But when all is said and done, there are good people (that’s you!) and there are bad folk. Using real-life cyber crime examples, we’ll identify the traits of those on the wrong side of the tracks and look at what drives them.

Hear how adversarial thinking can help you think like a hacker and make projects more secure, and how good security should never be a constraint on the creativity of your projects.

Developers who can ‘get’ hackers and ‘get’ security are in an enviable position – highly sought after tech heroes of tomorrow!

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